fredag 8. oktober 2010

Exciting weekend

This weekend I'm going to have a patchwork course for beginners. Three of the participants are Africans. Our Handicraft Association have some friendship groups in South Africa, and this is the fourth time we invite a few ladies to Norway. Exciting! About 40 quilters from the area around will be there as well sewing and have a nice time.
I hope to have some photos to share after the course.

Have a creative weekend!

5 kommentarer:

quilthexle sa...

Oh how exciting ... have fun! Sounds like a wonderful weekend ahead of you - and yes, we want to see pictures !!
Take care,

Laila sa...

Spennande. Lykke til :)

Grethe sa...

Ha en hyggelig quilte-helg,ønsker deg og alle lykke til! Det må være spesiellt spennende. Gleder meg til å se noen bilder etter hvert:-)

Sonja sa...

Dette hørtes ut til å bli en givende helg. Spennende med så mange quiltere samlet til hyggelig samvær og søm.
Gleder meg til å se bilder.

Aunt Spicy sa...

Sounds like you will have a lot of fun! Do we get to see pictures?