fredag 17. april 2009

I'm back

I'm back. I haven't had much time to update my blog over the Easter holiday since the house has been full of guests. It's been lovely to have my family here, the only downside - if you can call it that - is that there hasn't been any time for quilting. I don't think I have touched the sewing machine since my last post! :-) However I have knitted a little now and then. The great thing about socks is that you don't have to pay attention to a complicated pattern, so it's possible to talk and knit. I have to admit that I haven't made all these pairs over Easter - some were made earlier this winter. Today though I want to "dig out" the sewing machine again. I haven't quite decided what the next project will be, but I'm having withdrawal symptoms :-)))

2 kommentarer:

Gudveig HN sa...

Her var mange fine sokker!

Sølvi's blog sa...

Å for nån søte små nuskate greier du har laga!