søndag 15. februar 2009


Yesterday I received a letter
from overseas. I didn't expect
anything, so it was a great
surprise. It was from a friend,
and she sent me this cute
needlecase. Thank you so much !

The sun is finally back after 3
months absents. I live north of the
Arctic Circle and the our little village is
surrounded by mountains, so we don't see the sun from
the beginning of November to mid
February. Yesterday I went for a long
walk in the beautiful sunny winter
weather. It's still sunny, but today
the temperature has dropped to minus 11 Celcius + it's windy, so today I'll think I stay indoors in front of the sewing
machine instead.

3 kommentarer:

Leanne sa...

I am not sure I would cope with not seeing the sun for 3 months

Sunna Reyr sa...

Hi, I'm Sunna from Iceland. I stumbled on your blog the other day, don't remember from where. In my "town", and the other towns and villages around here we also don't see the sun, it varies from a little over two, to almost three months. We celebrate the day the sun shines in our faces by baking sunny pancakes. A very thin cakes same size as the pan and on it we put jam and whipped cream, then it's folded twice. Yummie. Do you have any such customs?

Oddbjørg sa...

Pancakes with jam and whipped cream; delious! At school they often celebrate when the sun is back - with "solboller med vaniljekrem" (sun buns with custard). The celebrating can vary from place to place.