fredag 13. februar 2009

Knitting and reading

I always have a knitting
on hand and at the moment
I'm knitting socks. The
name of the yarn is"Fame"
and it's quite thin and multi-
coloured. I have
never used it before - normally
I use thicker yarn when
making socks.

Some time ago a quilter on one of
the lists I'm a member of recommened
Emilie Richards and her books.
I hadn't read any of them, but
became a little curious and ordered
one. A few days ago it arrived in my
The title "Wedding Ring" + the quilt
on the front page should
give you a clue that the story has
something to do with patchwork.
I look forward to reading it, although
it will take me a while since it's in English. Have any of you
read it or anything else by the author?

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Guðrún sa...

I haven´t read anything by this author.