søndag 8. september 2013

Hva som kom ut av fredag kveld / What I did Friday night

Det ble ikke så mye søm, men jeg fikk skåret alle bitene og startet sammensying.

Not too much sewing, but I got all the cutting done and made a start for the piecing.
Seinere på kvelden ble en av mine strikkeprosjekt funnet fram, og det vokste en del. Godt fornøyd med kvelden. I går frista det nydelige høstværet til en lang tur ute i skog og mark.

Later in the evening I made a good progress on one of my knitting projects. Yesterday I had to enjoy the nice weather with  hiking. The colours are so beautiful at this time of the year.
                             Søndagshilsen fra Oddbjørg

4 kommentarer:

Elyte sa...

Cutting always takes a lot of time. Good to get it all done.

Anthea sa...

There can't be any piecing without the cutting being done first... Lovely fabrics you are using Oddbjorg.


Hi --I love all your work--the snowman hanging is so cute!!!
and I like the blue knitting--
happy cutting and stitching--
hugs, di and miss gracie

Fiona sa...

lovely fabrics, sometimes the cutting can take quite some time.... I love the blue colour you are knitting too....