søndag 5. september 2010


Some of the trees have got some yellow leaves. The first snow is on the highest tops, and the temperatures are quite low. There's no doubt; the summer is over. A little bit sad, but on the other hand autumn is a good time for handicrafts. In the dark evenings it's cosy to listen to music or a talking book when you are stitching or knitting.
This weekend I'm working on UFOs/WISPs together with some friends. We are not at the same place - we have contact via Internett. It's very nice. Yesterday I finished two make-up bags. It seems that I never get tired of this pattern from AnnAKa- I don't know how many I have made during the last years. I'm sure these will not be the last ones. Now I will work on the Log Cabin top.
Have a nice Sunday!

4 kommentarer:

Laila sa...

Mykje meir inspirerande å arbeide med UFO'ar i selskap med andre. Flotte toalettvesker du har fått ferdig.

Grethe sa...

Fin kombinasjon av stoff på toalett pungene til AnnAKa:-)
Fantastisk rognebær tre,håper du lager litt syltetøy også!!

Hellen Sigurbjörg sa...

Fine toalettvesker du har laget. Man behöver ikke a applikere noe med sa fine stoffer.

Annemariesquilt sa...

Heia tusen takk for koselig kommentar på bloggen min. Fine toalett vesker du har laget, de fikk jeg lyst til å lage ..