lørdag 15. august 2009

Gift from Iceland

After visiting my mother for some days, I'm back home. A package was waiting for me. It was a gift from Hellen. I bought her a pattern and as a thank you she made me potsholders. For a long time I have had in mind to make me a new pair; now I don't have to. Thanks a lot Hellen!The summer seems to be over. It's pouring down and about 8 degrees Celcius. It's perfect for sewing and other hobbies.
Have a nice weekend!

3 kommentarer:

2ne sa...

Så heldig du var, alltid koselig med slike små pakker :-)

Catherine sa...

Lovely potholders!! I love sewing on rainy days too!! Enjoy!! Cathyx

Merete sa...

Flotte grytekluter du har fått deg her. Høres ut som om du har deilig syvær:-)