tirsdag 28. juli 2009

A little bit sewing

Finally I can take this make-up bag off the UFO list. I think the quilted piece has been waiting for a couple of years. Yesterday I decided to do something about it, and it wasn't that much work to finish it. Months ago I bought a pattern from Kreativ Quilt. Last night I did a start - I cut all the squares that were required. "Høstløper" means autumn table runner, and as the autumn colours are my favourite ones, it was easy to find fabrics in my stash :-)

I hope you all have a creative day!

3 kommentarer:

LeKaQuilt sa...

Flott sminkepung og nydelig løper!

Merete sa...

Deilig å bli ferdig med en UFO, den ble jo flott! Høstløperen ser også flott ut!

Hellen Sigurbjörg sa...

Sa fin denne sminkepung ble! Jeg har lyst til a sy en ogsa, men har ikke mönstret, pröver a gjöre det uten!