søndag 31. mai 2009

No sewing

I'm afraid I haven't done much sewing the past few weeks. Practically none actually ...
Work is partially to blame, as it has been quite busy. Another reason is I have tried to do some gardening, even though the weather hasn't been that great.
Lately I have actually prefered to knit in the evenings. But that's only temporarily I'm sure :) But while I'm still in knitting mode, I'm going to make a baby sweater for a friend of one of my daughters.
I have also visited my mother in the middle of Norway. It's a 10-11 hrs long drive. One of the places I took a short break, was at the Arctic Circle. As you can see from the pictures, there was still some snow there. During summer the Arctic Circle Centre, which hosts a cafe and a souvenir store, is quite popular with tourists.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!

3 kommentarer:

Julie sa...

Wow! I would love to see that someday.

Aunt Spicy sa...

Amazing! Its not often you hear someone say they just popped over to the Arctic Circle! Looks like you are having fun!

gisa sa...

Hi oddbjorg, i tried to do some gardening, too, and it always takes a lot of time! i wish a day could have more hours for "working" quilters!!
greetings up to the north from germany