fredag 26. desember 2008

SSCS gifts

I received the SSCS package weeks before Christmas; it was from Julie Waldman, but I wanted to wait until Christmas before opening it.

On Christmas Eve I finally could open the envelope. There were 3 wrapped gifts, one of them was even wrapped in a pretty fabric. Lovely.

Wow, Julie really spoiled me. She had made a wonderful square bag with two pockets inside, and a case for knitting sticks. I have thought for a long time to sew one myself, because the case I have is very old and doesn't look good. Now I don't
have to - Julie did it for me :-). She also sent two patterns - one for a wallhanging, the other for quilt cards. When all was unwrapped I found a notebook and a book with 12 boomarks together with a nice card as well. Thank you sooo much Julie for the gifts!
Thanks to "Chookyblue" too for hosting the swap. I hope you will do the same next year.

3 kommentarer:

Julie sa...

What beautiful goodies. Well worth the wait!

Chookyblue...... sa...

so pleased you love your gifts from Julie........thanks for being part of the swap.......

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts sa...

Your gifts look beautiful. Lucky you.