søndag 2. november 2008

Christmas production continues

Yesterday part of the local quilting group gathered, and we had a lovely and productive day. The cushions weren't made yesterday, but earlier this week. Yesterday I worked on several Christmas related projects - mainly for the Christmas craftshow, but also a couple of gifts. I might post some photos later.
My eldest daughter also came up with several "suggestions" of items she wants me to make for her, should I run out of things to do! :-) - everything from pot holders to baby blanket.
Hope you all have had a nice weekend!

3 kommentarer:

Julie sa...

Our non-quilting friends and family always have plenty of ideas don't they?

Anne-Mette sa...

Hvor er dine nye puder smukke - lige mine farver ;-)- og juleløberen med hjerter - enkelt og fin...lige til at lade sig inspirere af.

Laila L S sa...

Takk for hilsen på bloggen min. Nydelige puter, tror jeg kan finne på å "kopiere" disse. Liker både mønsteret fargene godt