søndag 7. september 2008

I'm back

I have been quite busy the past few weeks, so my blog hasn't been given high priority.

I have started on the "Trip around the world"-quilt for DS and DIL. I had to order some more of the lightest fabric, but fortunately it arrived in no time.

I'm still not sure about the final size, as they keep talking about buying a bigger bed :-)
But I hope to finish the top by the end of this month.

This year I'm taking part in the Secret Santa Christmas Swap - SSCS( www.choockyblue.blogspot.com).

I have now received the name of the person I will be Secret Santa for. I have visited her blog several times as I find it very interesting. I do have some ideas what to make for her, but haven't quite decided yet.

I wonder who my Secret Santa is? Well, I guess I'll have to wait until Christmas to get the answer. I'm already excited and time goes by so fast.

Yesterday, I actually started on a Christmas gift. I better not reveal who it is intended for, just in case he/she stumbles across my blog :-))

2 kommentarer:

Chookyblue...... sa...

have fun with the SSCS.......I could tell you who is making for you but that would ruin the surprise at Christmas...........lol.........

Oddbjørg sa...

lol ...that would take the fun of it.
Half of the fun is speculating :-)