tirsdag 12. august 2008


One of my daughters was in need of a gift, so she asked me to make these table mats. The pattern is designed by AnnAKa. The green flowers are a little bit darker than the photo shows.

I have so many projects in mind. First of all I have to start on the quilt for DS and DIL. They have waited for some time! I'll use "Trip around the world"; beige/brown colours.
In a few weeks my sister has birthday, and I plan to make a bag for her.
It's 4 months till Christmas; time will show how many gifts I can make.
Believe it or not, but I also have a lot of UFOes! I want to reduce the number before 2009.
My loom has been waiting for me for a long time. I have 12 - 15 m warp left to weave rag rugs.
I can't be without a knitting project or two. I have just started on a new scarf; same pattern as the white one, but I use another sort of yarn.
Well, I have now problem to fill the spare time I guess :-)

3 kommentarer:

Julie sa...

Those placemats are beautiful. So artsy-looking! It sounds like you are staying busy. I wish I had a loom, I think it would be fun.

Leanne sa...

The place mats are lovely....there is never enough time in the day...especially when there are so many lovely things to make.

Sølvi sa...

Sounds like yopu will have a pretty busy atumn!