søndag 22. februar 2009


While I'm waiting for the repro fabric for the Nine Patch top, I have began cutting and sewing together scraps for another quilt. Again it will be just scraps. There's "no rules", but these kind of quilts somehow work even if there are some very "interesting" colour combinations. At least I hope so!

søndag 15. februar 2009

Sunday night update

I have made some progress
on my nine-patch quilt.
The next step now is to sew
a light, narrow border
and a darker outer one.


Yesterday I received a letter
from overseas. I didn't expect
anything, so it was a great
surprise. It was from a friend,
and she sent me this cute
needlecase. Thank you so much !

The sun is finally back after 3
months absents. I live north of the
Arctic Circle and the our little village is
surrounded by mountains, so we don't see the sun from
the beginning of November to mid
February. Yesterday I went for a long
walk in the beautiful sunny winter
weather. It's still sunny, but today
the temperature has dropped to minus 11 Celcius + it's windy, so today I'll think I stay indoors in front of the sewing
machine instead.

fredag 13. februar 2009

Knitting and reading

I always have a knitting
on hand and at the moment
I'm knitting socks. The
name of the yarn is"Fame"
and it's quite thin and multi-
coloured. I have
never used it before - normally
I use thicker yarn when
making socks.

Some time ago a quilter on one of
the lists I'm a member of recommened
Emilie Richards and her books.
I hadn't read any of them, but
became a little curious and ordered
one. A few days ago it arrived in my
The title "Wedding Ring" + the quilt
on the front page should
give you a clue that the story has
something to do with patchwork.
I look forward to reading it, although
it will take me a while since it's in English. Have any of you
read it or anything else by the author?

søndag 8. februar 2009

First finish in February

Finally this old wallhaging can be crossed off the "to do"-list. It shouldn't take 14 years to finish something!!

The next project is newer. These nine-patch repro blocks are from an international swap 3-4 years ago.

Yesterday I spent some time together with 3 quilting friends. It's always nice to meet and to see what others are making.

Have a nice week!

tirsdag 3. februar 2009

New month - old project

Saturday I made some progress on the Orange Crush Mystery. The top is almost done, but I didn't have enough fabric for the border. So I have to wait until I can go to the quilt shop.

Well, we're in February - new month, new possibilities. I still want to work on unfinished items. Almost in the bottom of the pile I found a very old project - a wallhanging from 1995. I got the inspiration for the quilt from a Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. Basically I only have the quilting and the binding left. It will be good to get it done since it has been a UFO for about 14 years! I probably would have chosen slightly different fabrics/combinations if I'd started this project today. It's not that I don't like autumn colours - they are my favourites - it's just that I don't think I did a too good job putting them together in this case.