tirsdag 24. juni 2008

During the weekend I finished a few things. The weather has been quite bad the last days, so it as perfect for sewing.

Two table runners with almost the same pattern.
A blue bag which has many pockets inside.

Summer package

It has been a long time since I updated my blog. Time is passing by so quickly, and we are now already in the end of June.

A few days ago I received a summer package from a quilting friend in Germany. As you can see, she really spoiled me. Now I can have a tea party :-) Thanks a lot, Tina!

mandag 2. juni 2008


Thank you all for visiting me from time to time, and I appreciate your comments very much.

This table runner has been in the shelf for some time. It needed some applique and today it was done. One less on the UFO list :-o
Time passes. It's June, and we have had very nice weather for some days. The days and the nights are light, and you don't become aware of that it's late.

I have finished the blocks for part 4 of the mystery, but haven't started the next step. I think I will use green and yellow/yellowbrown for these blocks. Probably I will wait until the weekend before starting.