lørdag 31. januar 2009

Orange Crush

Almost a year ago Bonnie
at www.quiltville.com
organized a mysterie quilt.
The mysterie was
called Orange Crush, and
as always her quilts give
you a chance to use scraps.
I thought this was a good
opportunity to reduce my

pile of scraps and old fabrics.
I manage to keep up with this
mysterie quilt until step 4,
but after that life intervened
and I fell behind!
Last Sunday I pulled it out from
the pile of UFOs, and am now trying
to get my head around it again.
But due to illness and work commitments,
I haven't made much progress since then. Now I will make
another attempt and on that note I'll get started.

lørdag 24. januar 2009


Yes, I did it.
I reached my goal for today :-)
I have yet to decide what my
next project will be. All I know
is that I have plenty of
UFOs/WISPs to choose from!

Saturday morning

Yesterday I found these
table runners among my
Ufos. This is a mystery
from 2005 on a list I'm
a member of and I think
the designer is Merete.
I think I first thought
to make 4 place mats,
but in the end I ended up
making 2 table runners instead. It's actually not that
much work left; I just have to decide how to quilt them
and choose the of colour of the binding.
Hopefully, I'll be able cross them off my UFO list
by the end of today :-)

onsdag 21. januar 2009


This square has been in the
cupboard for years. I think it
was meant as a start for a
A few days ago I decided to
use it for a baby quilt instead.

Here is the result and UFO # 4 is
done. Finally! :-)

lørdag 17. januar 2009

Two UFOs finished

In 2007 I bought fabrics
and pattern for a
tablecloth and a table
runner from
Kari R. Ytterdal has design
it. The pattern is simple, but
I felt in love with the spring
colours.The table cloth top was sewn
more than a year ago, and the
pieces for the table runner were all cut.
Now it's done, and I'll find
another UFO to work on.

Have a nice weekend!

torsdag 15. januar 2009

Sigrun's blog

Sigrun is having a challenge.
If you want to know more,
go visit her blog.

søndag 11. januar 2009

WISP #1 finished

One WISP done.
The cushion didn't take too
long to finish. I have used
variegated coloured tread for the
embroidery; not so easy to see
the stitches with the lightest
colour on the photo.

søndag 4. januar 2009


Yesterday I picked up some
of my UFOs and WISPs that
I hope to finish during the
coming months.
The Tilda Stitchery is hardly

This embroidery I started
at Christmas. May be this
will be the first project I'll

The last photo shows:
A little wallhanging that
only needs a butterfly to
be appliqued before quilting.
A finished table cloth top,
and some blue squares that
have been in the cupboard
for years.
I guess I just should get
started now :-)

lørdag 3. januar 2009


I have just signed up for a
"One Project a Month Challenge"
that May Britt and Kris are hosting.

I have many UFOs, WISPs and
"old" patterns/kits, so I hope this
challenge will motivate me to reduce
the number.
Now I have to decide
which one to start with.

Have a nice day!

fredag 2. januar 2009


Elin is having a Giveaway, so take a look at her blog.


Happy New Year!

I have started the new year by joining
"Pay It Forward ! with Marc

I guess many of you know the rules;
anyway I have to write them here.
Three people join in my PIF.
I must send a hand made gift to the 3 people
on my list within 365 days.
In turn, the 3 people who have joined my
PIF must also host their own and ask for
3 people to join. They too have to send a
handmade gift to the three players within a year.
There is no set time to send the gifts,
so long as they are sent within 365 days of hosting your PIF.
Please leave me a comment if you'd be interested in playing.